21 Aug

Child Prostitution rises due to tough times and poverty. Parents with low level of Education seem not to get good jobs that can help them fend for their families in terms of all the basic needs. Children are now forced to leave school and begin looking for work to help support the families. It is very sad when we deprive children with a very promising future Education and the cycle will continue on and on all because of poverty.

In Kenya especially in the Coast,Sex Tourism is very high. Young Girls between the ages of 12-18 are involved in this dirty business as they get paid 5 times more by these white European Men who come as tourists. Prostitution on the Kenyan coast is a booming business,despite the great effects it has on the children and saddening depriving them their childhood. It is common to see old men from the ages of 65-80 walking around with young girls,young enough to be their granddaughters and no one sees it as wrong. Actually its their parents and relatives that encourage these young girls to look for “Mzungu” meaning White Man who would help eradicate poverty in the family through their daughter.

How can we develop and protect the innocence of our children when they are exposed to such circumstances? What society are we bringing up? Tourism is the main economy boost in Kenya bringing 780,000 foreign visitors and USD 500 million annually which ends up the main contribution to child sexual abuse. The boy child is not spared at all in this business,young boys are sexually exploited by foreign sex tourists especially in Lamu which is well known to attract local and foreign men looking for young boys to satisfy there sexual interest.

Some of this young boys and girls are also forced to take nude photographs which some of this tourists use to make pornographic material that they later use in their countries. Surprisingly children from rural areas all around the country are being transported to the coast by their parents and relatives When the people that children trust most and look up to are the ones that expose them to such acts to whom would they turn too? It is wrong for a parent to do such to their child yet it is there responsibility to fend for them with or without poverty it is still wrong.

This young boys and girls are not only deprived their child hood but go through Traumatic Sexualization where they child goes with aversive feelings about sex. The child is also Stigmatized and feels betrayed especially by those who were meant to be protectors and role models. This children have exploitive behavior, damaging relationships and angry behaviours.

“All a child’s life depends on the ideal it has of its parents. Destroy that and everything goes – morals, behavior, everything.” E.M. Forster

Your child is my child, the society has turned out where everyone minds his business unlike the olden days where we were all one. Change begins with you and I,lets support education even for the less privileged in the society and help build a greater nation. Poverty is the cause of all these problems which can be eradicated by creation of more suitable jobs for parents so that they can provide and not the children.


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