30 Aug

  It is so sad when young girls and boys with so much ahead turn to the social network for sex,look for sugar daddies and mummies we wonder what generation we are bringing up. What happened to “I have to work hard to get that?” The social media has changed a lot where Sex groups are the in thing with the highest number of audiences,it has grown to where campus girls post their pictures and give descriptions of the kind of rich married man they want. 

  “Maggie 23 wants a rich dude , should have a car and own a house , who is willing to spend on her . she will do anything to please him. time for hustlers to bark all their misery out!! come baby come !!!!”-(GROUP ON FACEBOOK)

   This is just one of the few messages posted on a Facebook wall,they range from member of parliament needed,married mad and the list is endless. These young girls are not only loosing respect and their dignity but still are at a high risk of contracting HIV/AIDS and STDs. Is it worth it when you lie on a sick bed dying all for money?

   I have been to college,have friends who were in campus and I know how much girls have needs that you can’t get it all from home. You want to have those nice designer bags,the best clothes,change your hairstyle every now and then but that doesn’t mean you have to get them through spreading your legs.Everything has its time, and it begins from acceptance,accepting that you can’t have that expensive bag but someday you will.

   Everyone has to begin somewhere, last year when I was still in college I did product promotions at supermarkets,did research jobs,till i got a permanent Job few months after graduation. Am happy and proud that all those things I wanted when I was in college ,i saved and bought them. I may not have all I want but am proud to say I earned it.

   Young girls and boys out there,you need to know your worth. If you want people to respect you, you need to respect yourself first. Lead a life that when you look back,you are proud and have set a good example to others. Why break up marriages,looking for married men all in the name of shoes,bags and clothes? Patience and hard work pays.

    We as the youth are the leaders of tomorrow,but we cannot lead and set examples to the future generation like this. We cannot live a life of wanting things easily. You have so much to offer other than between your legs. Lets not do things that we will live to regret. 



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