21 Nov

Cerebral palsy is a result of an injury to the developing brain either during pregnancy,birth or until the age of three. As a result of the injury the messages from the brain to the body are interfered with hence affecting movement and muscle coordination. 
The effects of cerebral palsy vary from individual to individual depending on how much the brain was affected.

Depending on which areas the brain has been affected,some of the problems experienced could be poor bladder and bowel control, difficulty in eating and swallowing,breathing problems, difficulty in walking,reading and writing and muscle tightness. Some individuals with cerebral palsy experience growth problems,seizures or epilepsy, hearing impairment and vision problems.

“Developing a positive attitude is very important, and

although children with disabilities will inevitably

become aware of their limitations, they should always be

encouraged to take on new challenges”.

– Dr. Mark Nagler, Ph.D. 
When raising a child with this condition it is important that the entire family commit to face the challenges ahead while building a strong foundation to support each other. 
Children living with cerebral palsy can go to school,make friends, dance,play, cycle e.t.c 
Parents should also not shield their children from interacting with the outside world as it later affects them in the future and also lower their self esteem. Therapies like physiotherapy to help achieve physical independence and mobility, occupational therapy which helps to use adaptive equipment such as feeding,seating and bathroom aids, speech pathology,Aquatic therapy to help relax muscles and Acupuncture which help relieve muscle pains are highly recommended

When children living with cerebral palsy grow up they can live independently with or without assistance as long as adaptable measures are put in place for instance, stair lifts and grab bars. There are so many encouraging stories of people living with cerebral palsy that are enjoying a fulfilling careers, social life,university education and Marriage.

If you are living with C.P some of the ways to cope are planning for a normal life for instance education,marriage and career as cerebral palsy does not shorten the human lifespan and you can live for a very long time. Build your self esteem by interacting with people,engaging in various activities which will help you move forward. Also set attainable goals that is first identifying this goals that are attainable and challenging then work towards achieving your goals for instance going to college. Lastly maintain your health by eating healthy and engaging in physical activities. Disability is not inability and you can live a perfectly normal with little or no help.


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