22 May

Knowing Someone has been there is a reason to know someone understands your situation,I hope someone gets encouraged by this ,had to share 🙂

Lunani Joseph

I might never know how long you have been feeling lost & your patience tested but I can assure you I have been there.

I have been where hope is a long wait

I have been where no direction has a plausible answer

I have been where you are so broke yet all friends think you are loaded

I have been where life is a rigorous boring routine

I have been where prayers make no sense

I have been where all round others flourish yet you only live a dream

I have been where your spouse starts thinking otherwise on your hopes

I have been where many write you off

I have been where the taste of your sweat is never the fragrance of fruits but thorny & unpalatable

I have been where sleep is no more yet the tiredness of life springs on your muscles to the ache


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