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Lately I have been fascinated in getting to know about countries that always have negative publicity in the Media. I did something on Africa and decided to know more about Iraq and was simply left speechless.

The picture I always have of Iraq is war,tunkers,guns ,soldiers,demolished buildings, death everywhere but what I didn’t know was it also had so much beauty. So i began my research on Iraq that picture is of a shopping mall in Iraq called Majid Mall,it is amazingly beautiful,the inside is spectacular with various stores inside.

The tourist attraction from Lake Habbaniyah that is so beautiful especially when the sun sets down is a place to die for visiting. Hanging Gardens of Babylon,Great mosque of Kufa,victory Arch and the Baghdad tower just to mention but a few are some of the beautiful places in Iraq that one should actually visit. I was actually surprised that they have beautiful houses and homes in Iraq with beautiful streets well lit and maintained.

There is so much beauty in Iraq other than the wars and I wish the media would show as the good side too. I hope someday to visit Iraq’s beautiful places and experience what it has to offer. It is up to me and you to show the beauty we have other than wait for people to show what think they know of us.


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Emotions run deep,disgust,hate as I read this story of a young 15 year old boy that was sodomised by a middle aged man in Laikipia county,Kenya and infected with HIV. All that I thought was what is Africa turning into? Where is the strong, rich African culture that was passed from our ancestors to us gone?

Sodomy is suddenly becoming the normal norm these days in the dailies and news. Each day a child is sodomised and in most cases by someone they know and trust. Young boys and teenagers are sodomised and raped and nothing much is done about it. How will Our children feel safe when the people that they base their trust on abuse them?

Men and boys that are raped and sodomised rarely come out to speak about it nor report such cases, probably because of embarrassment, and what the society will think of them when they talk about their ordeal.

Recently in Zambia a pair were accused of sodomy and still awaiting trial. In prisons men are sodomised daily and nothing is done about it. Where has the African culture gone? What happened to the days when women would walk without fear of an unknown man trailing behind? when our sons and daughters would play outside without checking if they were safe?

The animals are not spared either with a recent case in Mombasa of girls making pornographic movies with dogs and just yesterday a man was caught having sex with a cow in Kiambu county while others get caught with Dogs in the act.

I want to walk with pride of being an African,that my motherland is a safe place for me and my children. That each day I wake up I know my son shall not encounter the ordeal of sodomy either in school or by a neighbour. That my daughter can play outside without fear. This is not only wrong but disgusting and a bad picture for the African culture.

It is up to me and you to fight sodomy and rape and ensure our sons and daughters are safe. Let those caught in this inhuman act get punished accordingly and be an example to the rest. Some of this men are jailed few years or made to pay fine and are left freely while the victims remain with the stigmatization for the rest of their lives. Why don’t we hear such cases in Dubai or muslim countries? Because the offenders know the consequences that come with such acts. Let us not have pity for this kind of people and together we will make Africa a safe place for you,me and our children


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The feeling was a mixed reaction of anger,bitterness on how our Kenyan Mps could be so selfish and self centered not minding the people who voted them in and whom they are to serve. Ksh 851,000 excluding bonuses is a lot of money considering many Kenyans earn below Ksh 10,000 not forgetting it will still be taxed .

The Kenyan Mp is among the highest Paid MP in the world and still these selfish women and men can not get enough. It is barely four months ,no work done yet and still they have done everything to ensure they get the salary increase they want.

From a Country that people are still dying of starvation, People still living in IDP camps 5 years down the line after the post election violence still not resettled ,thousands unemployed, Insecurity ,inadequate water supply,Inadequate facilities and teachers in schools , debts that haven’t been payed still they haven’t found a reason not to have just a little bit of remorse to the Kenyan people.

Every single morning i meet hundreds of people from Kibera slums walking to work, dust on their shoes,faces filled with hope that someday things will change and life will improve. Times are getting tough each day and not a single penny of salary increase to the kenyan that works hard each day to pay rent,feed their families and pay school fees, heavily taxed for the kenyan Mps to Fatten themselves with their hard work.

No words can get to describe them , parasites,vultures or maybe I would just settle down with MPIG which is there new name for them because that is what they have proved to be.

Am so ashamed of the female Mps who should play the role of mothers in this country and feel the pain that the common Kenyan goes through and pump some sense into their colleagues instead they are the frontrunners in getting their salaries increased.

The economy is tough on everyone but we could come up with ways of ensuring that the little we have is made of good use, see how we can improve the economy , infrastructures, education ensure that no one dies of starvation, IDPs are resettled, unemployment has reduced then they can talk of salary increase after work has been done.

This is not only selfish and inconsiderate but with their salary increase means an increase in taxes, prices of commodities increasing and the more difficult our lives will be while those we voted for continue to dine in our sweat. This is not only unfair but makes me wonder do they even have families or spouses that can advise them that what they are doing is wrong or are they also part of the support team to steal from poor Kenyans?

In short the Kenyan politician should note that the economy is tough on everyone, we employed them not the other way round. They should stop behaving as if they never knew how much they were to get when they took office or were forced to vie for their respective seats. They were once the common Kenyan so they should stop pretending not to know what we go through and not make politics an easy way of getting rich by poor peoples sweat, they should be ashamed of themselves.


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