06 Aug

Photo Courtesy of ElephantsDC

Photo Courtesy of ElephantsDC

My heart bleeds and gutted not just to think but write about this despicable act that left six Elephants Dead at the Tsavo West National Park last week. We are no longer talking about will be extinct but are going extinct at a rate of one every 14 Minutes. The Kenya Wildlife Service discovered this family of Elephants slain by Poachers and one sole survivor a tuskless baby Elephant. Losoito was rescued by the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust but sadly the little one  died on August the  2nd . Losoito died of the Trauma of seeing his family brutally butchered and killed.His death brought the toll of the deadly massacre of Elephants to six killed in the name of Ivory Trade.

Big Life Foundation rangers tracked down the culprits , their Dog Didi and others from KWS led the rangers straight to a pair of shoes that matched the tracks they had been following, and it wasn’t long before the teams found two axes and a saw, still wet with blood. Thanks to the Local Community three suspects were Identified and arrested but the Ivory was already gone transported by motorbikes.

I leave this short but beautiful story of an Elephant whose photo was taken by John Chaney.They came across this Elephant whose corpse was overcome by vultures and Jackals. From a distance an Elephant came at a fast pace and chased away the predators and then very slowly and with much empathy wrapped her trunk around the deceased elephants tusk. She stayed in this position for several hours guarding her friend.If a wild animal can have this much empathy for another and a sense of protection why are we Humans who are intelligent with a sense of reason be so merciless and Heartless?

I want to acknowledge and give a special Thanks to Kenya Wildlife Service , Big Life foundation for making sure they caught the Culprits and also The David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust who took Losoito received him with love and care before he passed on.

With President Obama’s visit to Kenya and his promise to ban virtually “all” ivory sales across state lines. We hope other Countries will join through to fight Ivory trade and ban all imports on Ivory products as well.As long as there is ivory demand in America and China, elephants will continue to be killed in Africa. Help Ban Ivory Sales.


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