09 Dec

A few days ago 8 Lions were poisoned at the Maasai Mara National Reserve . The Lions fed on Cow carcass poisoned with a highly toxic Carbamate Pesticide.  Two Lions succumbed to the poisoning and the rest said to be recovering. 

Watching the news yesterday two men were arrested and my prayer is they will not be punished lightly . May they serve as an example to the rest. This is not the first time we have heard the Maasai killing these Lions, with some hunting them down. What is sad this time round it was not the Lions that were attacking their cattles or the locals themselves. It is the Locals that have been grazing their cattles on the reserve land.


One of the Poisoned Lions and the endangered White back vulture . Photo Courtesy of National Geographic (photo by L.Sankai)

Yes people are aware of what is happening around  through various networks including the news,but I strongly believe awareness should not only be on social media but especially on the grass root level to that Local Man that doesn’t know the Importance of these wildlifes, forest and the importance of preserving Nature. These Locals that have no access to Electronic and print  Media.

What is Sad now the Vultures are dying as well from this poisoning.  As long as the Locals are not involved in this fight then all this is in vain. Because it is them that are wooed to poaching and killing as well . More Locals should be involved by working hand in hand with the Rangers as well as educating the rest.

My heart weeps every day and sorry for our grandchildren and future generations. What makes Africa? It is our Wildlife, Nature, Cultures, natural resources that makes us,that is our Identity . But if we keep destroying what we have then we are nothing. One day our Children will get to read and see pictures that their were once Elephants, Lions, Forests in Africa…………


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