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Global Entrepreneurship Summit (GES) has come to Kenya , the very first GES that will take place in Sub-Saharan Africa. The World will be watching Kenya and this is not just putting focus on Africa but Kenya as well. Kenya being a host shows we are a centre of Entrepreneurship and Innovation.So as the world will be focusing on Kenya and the International Press putting us out there we have been given a chance to sell Kenya.11391792_830675050358314_8624672967838147911_n

Global Entrepreneurship Summit brings together Business owners, Educators, Policy Makers and Investors to support the growth of new Enterprises in developing Regions. Besides People being excited of Obama’s coming are we aware that the focus is also on us a nation? A country that  has recorded a massive Economic growth in recent Years. This is the opportunity to show what Kenya is all about and why the World should choose to Invest in Kenya.There is so much untapped market that Entrepreneurs can capitalize on.

Why should you Invest in Kenya ? We have a fully liberalised Economy, preferential market access and a well established vocal private sector. There is access to a large pool of highly Educated and skilled work Force as well as a highly developed social & physical infrastructure. Kenya is a land bursting with resourcefulness, innovations and Entrepreneurial vibrancy. Besides all these we are a hub for Investment, Commerce, trade and Tourism.There is no better place than Investing in a country with a fast growing Economy and Opportunity

What has made Kenya the hub for a continent on the rise? It is because we stride with Resilience, Enterprise , Purpose and Pride for that is who we are. So as the world turns towards Kenya it hears only one thing Opportunity. Choose Kenya the Land of Opportunity.For Kenyans I believe things will never be the same for us.I am excited because we couldn’t buy this much attention and Marketing opportunity or even sell Kenya like during this Global Entrepreneurship Summit in Nairobi.Let us take advantage when the Focus is on Us. 



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autism_awareness_month_april_postcard-p239710160817749632z8iat_400Statistics have shown today 1 in 68 children has been diagnosed with Autism or Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) . Most People are not even aware they have autistic children and in extreme cases in Rural areas these children are locked away and shut out completely from the community as well. Autism spectrum disorder (ASD) is a range of complex neurodevelopment disorders, characterized by social impairments, communication difficulties, and restricted, repetitive, and stereotyped patterns of behavior.

Before scientist believed Autism was a condition limited to western and technologically developed countries however there are more cases of children living with Autism in Africa. In some cultures symptoms related to autism seems normal or supernatural related and therefore these children do not get any care.

Early Intervention, diagnosis and treatment are some of the main elements to help an autistic child develop to their full potential. In the beginning Autism can be very difficult and this is the time as a parent you can learn as much as you can about treatments, medications and how to improve your Child’s communication and social behaviour.

Some of the possible reasons why cases of Autism in Africa are non verbal is due to difficulty in finding services even with a diagnosis given,mental health care facilities and trained personnel to work with autistic children are a few. Educational and behavioral interventions for children with autism are largely unavailable as well.We also don’t have enough social groups, awareness centres and People to educate the community about Autism. These are just some of the many challenges communities and Africa at large face.

African Governments should strive to create more Autism centres especially in the Rural areas to give care and support to children living with autism as well as providing Information and resources to families affected and living with Autistic Children. Affordable Educational centres for these children should be set so people living below the poverty line can still access services for their children. Raising an autistic child can take an emotional Toll on a Parent therefore Strong Social Networks should be formed within the communities for parents to be able to meet,discuss and gain support from people who understand what they are going through. These groups can be very helpful in case of any Emergency situations as well.

Autism in Africa if not addressed more children especially from rural areas will continue to grow without proper Education , help and care. People should also take personal Initiative to Educate people and make them aware of what Autism is. Only together can we help these children live a normal life and help them be independent, successful people in the society.


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Within the East Africa Community, Kenya has the Largest and Fastest growing economy. But what are the challenges and Issues that need to be addressed for a country that has a more promising Economic growth?                                                                       Three Major Investments is what we need that is Institutions, Integration and Infrastructure. We have relative weak institutions,suffer major Infrastructure deficit and Regional Integration project has been slow and marred by Compliance and commitment deficits.

Other members economy within East Africa Community, Kenya is much better linked in terms of investments flows and trade. That is why we need to Increase exports and invest in transport & energy infrastructure that will help accelerate Economic growth and strengthen Kenya’s position Externally.

Industrialization Powers Job creation. Bordering the Indian Ocean we are well positioned to take advantage of Africa’s growing trade with China. Not forgetting we are the most Industrialized Country In East and Central Africa with major boost from Agriculture, Tourism and Manufacturing Industry therefore better linked in terms of Investment flows and trade.

One of the Major and strong boost to Kenya’s Economic growth is Institutional Reforms such as the adaptation of the New Constitution that provides for devolved governance. Recent discovery of Resources such as Oil, base titanium , Coal and Underground Water augur well for Kenya’s future Economic Performance but all these is in vain if not Managed well.

There is a lot of Money to be made but there are significant risks especially Insecurity associated with Terrorism and pervasive corruption remain deterrents to Investment. The Government should therefore ensure that security , political Stability and reducing corruption is one of its top most agenda. But still Challenges that need to be addressed is poverty, Inequality and access to health services. These are What Hinder one of the most Promising Countries in Africa from growing.

On Paper Kenya looks promising but for all these to come to ripe there has to be qualitative change in governance. We need more coherent and proactive policy agenda only then can we get the transformation we need.


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Woodley Estate In Nairobi affected by the heavy downfall. Picture Courtesy of Google Images.

Woodley Estate In Nairobi affected by the heavy downfall.
Picture Courtesy of Google Images.

Following Relentless Rainfall for the past Few weeks, Nairobi and its Environs has suffered heavily from the flooding. Properties have been Damaged and Lives have been lost. With a City that is expected to add two million residents by 2025 the flooding nightmare Doesn’t seem to come to an end with 70% percent of its road having poor drainage.

Everyone seems to be looking at the Government for a solution. But then again we as the residents are to blame for the latest havoc caused by the heavy rainfall. Rain is natural but Flooded Roads aren’t. It is such a shame when a power substation is submerged  by floods when that is one area that should have the best drainage outlet.

You don’t build Flats on sewer Lines, Litter everywhere, cut down trees and when it Rains we expect all to be well. Our drainage systems are blocked by plastic bottles and plastic paper bags. We as the Residents have a role to play as well. The county Government should step up on upgrading the drainage system that was put up years ago to accommodate a smaller population. Houses built on grabbed wet areas should be Demolished. Otherwise we will keep addressing the same issue, suffer the same consequences year in year out if we do not make changes Immediately.


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