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autism_awareness_month_april_postcard-p239710160817749632z8iat_400Statistics have shown today 1 in 68 children has been diagnosed with Autism or Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) . Most People are not even aware they have autistic children and in extreme cases in Rural areas these children are locked away and shut out completely from the community as well. Autism spectrum disorder (ASD) is a range of complex neurodevelopment disorders, characterized by social impairments, communication difficulties, and restricted, repetitive, and stereotyped patterns of behavior.

Before scientist believed Autism was a condition limited to western and technologically developed countries however there are more cases of children living with Autism in Africa. In some cultures symptoms related to autism seems normal or supernatural related and therefore these children do not get any care.

Early Intervention, diagnosis and treatment are some of the main elements to help an autistic child develop to their full potential. In the beginning Autism can be very difficult and this is the time as a parent you can learn as much as you can about treatments, medications and how to improve your Child’s communication and social behaviour.

Some of the possible reasons why cases of Autism in Africa are non verbal is due to difficulty in finding services even with a diagnosis given,mental health care facilities and trained personnel to work with autistic children are a few. Educational and behavioral interventions for children with autism are largely unavailable as well.We also don’t have enough social groups, awareness centres and People to educate the community about Autism. These are just some of the many challenges communities and Africa at large face.

African Governments should strive to create more Autism centres especially in the Rural areas to give care and support to children living with autism as well as providing Information and resources to families affected and living with Autistic Children. Affordable Educational centres for these children should be set so people living below the poverty line can still access services for their children. Raising an autistic child can take an emotional Toll on a Parent therefore Strong Social Networks should be formed within the communities for parents to be able to meet,discuss and gain support from people who understand what they are going through. These groups can be very helpful in case of any Emergency situations as well.

Autism in Africa if not addressed more children especially from rural areas will continue to grow without proper Education , help and care. People should also take personal Initiative to Educate people and make them aware of what Autism is. Only together can we help these children live a normal life and help them be independent, successful people in the society.


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Emotions run deep,disgust,hate as I read this story of a young 15 year old boy that was sodomised by a middle aged man in Laikipia county,Kenya and infected with HIV. All that I thought was what is Africa turning into? Where is the strong, rich African culture that was passed from our ancestors to us gone?

Sodomy is suddenly becoming the normal norm these days in the dailies and news. Each day a child is sodomised and in most cases by someone they know and trust. Young boys and teenagers are sodomised and raped and nothing much is done about it. How will Our children feel safe when the people that they base their trust on abuse them?

Men and boys that are raped and sodomised rarely come out to speak about it nor report such cases, probably because of embarrassment, and what the society will think of them when they talk about their ordeal.

Recently in Zambia a pair were accused of sodomy and still awaiting trial. In prisons men are sodomised daily and nothing is done about it. Where has the African culture gone? What happened to the days when women would walk without fear of an unknown man trailing behind? when our sons and daughters would play outside without checking if they were safe?

The animals are not spared either with a recent case in Mombasa of girls making pornographic movies with dogs and just yesterday a man was caught having sex with a cow in Kiambu county while others get caught with Dogs in the act.

I want to walk with pride of being an African,that my motherland is a safe place for me and my children. That each day I wake up I know my son shall not encounter the ordeal of sodomy either in school or by a neighbour. That my daughter can play outside without fear. This is not only wrong but disgusting and a bad picture for the African culture.

It is up to me and you to fight sodomy and rape and ensure our sons and daughters are safe. Let those caught in this inhuman act get punished accordingly and be an example to the rest. Some of this men are jailed few years or made to pay fine and are left freely while the victims remain with the stigmatization for the rest of their lives. Why don’t we hear such cases in Dubai or muslim countries? Because the offenders know the consequences that come with such acts. Let us not have pity for this kind of people and together we will make Africa a safe place for you,me and our children


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