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Global Entrepreneurship Summit (GES) has come to Kenya , the very first GES that will take place in Sub-Saharan Africa. The World will be watching Kenya and this is not just putting focus on Africa but Kenya as well. Kenya being a host shows we are a centre of Entrepreneurship and Innovation.So as the world will be focusing on Kenya and the International Press putting us out there we have been given a chance to sell Kenya.11391792_830675050358314_8624672967838147911_n

Global Entrepreneurship Summit brings together Business owners, Educators, Policy Makers and Investors to support the growth of new Enterprises in developing Regions. Besides People being excited of Obama’s coming are we aware that the focus is also on us a nation? A country that  has recorded a massive Economic growth in recent Years. This is the opportunity to show what Kenya is all about and why the World should choose to Invest in Kenya.There is so much untapped market that Entrepreneurs can capitalize on.

Why should you Invest in Kenya ? We have a fully liberalised Economy, preferential market access and a well established vocal private sector. There is access to a large pool of highly Educated and skilled work Force as well as a highly developed social & physical infrastructure. Kenya is a land bursting with resourcefulness, innovations and Entrepreneurial vibrancy. Besides all these we are a hub for Investment, Commerce, trade and Tourism.There is no better place than Investing in a country with a fast growing Economy and Opportunity

What has made Kenya the hub for a continent on the rise? It is because we stride with Resilience, Enterprise , Purpose and Pride for that is who we are. So as the world turns towards Kenya it hears only one thing Opportunity. Choose Kenya the Land of Opportunity.For Kenyans I believe things will never be the same for us.I am excited because we couldn’t buy this much attention and Marketing opportunity or even sell Kenya like during this Global Entrepreneurship Summit in Nairobi.Let us take advantage when the Focus is on Us. 



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The Economy today demands a better Educated workforce than ever before and jobs in this new economy require more complex knowledge and skills than jobs of the past. That’s why we need an Education System that suits and serves the development needs of the country, continent and at the same time making it globally competitive.

A Dual Education system combines apprenticeships in a company and vocational Education at a vocational School in one course. This system is being practised in several countries especially in Europe where Germany has proved to be doing very well in it and for some years now China and other countries in Asia have adopted this system as well.

Research has shown that lack of skills is one of the main reasons of unemployment among higher Educated young people and lower unemployment on adults. Employers tend to employ adults more than fresh graduates because there is a serious mismatch between the skills young people bring with them when they leave the education system and those that are sought after in labour markets. 

Universities must also focus on Educating with an eye to African Markets improving education in technical fields and agriculture. This approach will give a  better guidance to students and steer them towards employment in the private sector and away from enrolling in the traditional public sector entrance subjects in the Arts, Humanities and Social science. 

We must also focus on expanding the Education Level on Secondary Education as the broad level on Unemployment is high on Secondary level.Many Formal Employers are looking for more practical and applied skills which can not be obtained on this level. Therefore we need more structured and specialised Institutions where those on Secondary level can get Technical and Vocational skills giving them a better chance in the Labour Market.

The Dual Education System is beneficial to both the Student and Company as well. Student benefits from the knowledge about hard skills and soft skills of more experienced co-workers therefore it is easier for him to decide whether he is able to do the job quite early and not after exams.If the Company decides to give an Employment Contract with the Student after his dual Education time, the Company benefits in getting an Employee who knows the Company’s workflow. 

Photo courtesy of Google.

Photo courtesy of Google.

The challenge with this system is young people might find it hard getting a place in a Company therefore the Government should take strong measures on calling upon all Companies to take Apprentices and also introducing affordable or support  Informal Sector training so that those with minimal Education level get for instance a Vocational Skill certificate which will better their chances of Employment as skilled workers. This system has proved to be successful to the Developed Countries and we should consider adopting it as well.


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Emotions run deep,disgust,hate as I read this story of a young 15 year old boy that was sodomised by a middle aged man in Laikipia county,Kenya and infected with HIV. All that I thought was what is Africa turning into? Where is the strong, rich African culture that was passed from our ancestors to us gone?

Sodomy is suddenly becoming the normal norm these days in the dailies and news. Each day a child is sodomised and in most cases by someone they know and trust. Young boys and teenagers are sodomised and raped and nothing much is done about it. How will Our children feel safe when the people that they base their trust on abuse them?

Men and boys that are raped and sodomised rarely come out to speak about it nor report such cases, probably because of embarrassment, and what the society will think of them when they talk about their ordeal.

Recently in Zambia a pair were accused of sodomy and still awaiting trial. In prisons men are sodomised daily and nothing is done about it. Where has the African culture gone? What happened to the days when women would walk without fear of an unknown man trailing behind? when our sons and daughters would play outside without checking if they were safe?

The animals are not spared either with a recent case in Mombasa of girls making pornographic movies with dogs and just yesterday a man was caught having sex with a cow in Kiambu county while others get caught with Dogs in the act.

I want to walk with pride of being an African,that my motherland is a safe place for me and my children. That each day I wake up I know my son shall not encounter the ordeal of sodomy either in school or by a neighbour. That my daughter can play outside without fear. This is not only wrong but disgusting and a bad picture for the African culture.

It is up to me and you to fight sodomy and rape and ensure our sons and daughters are safe. Let those caught in this inhuman act get punished accordingly and be an example to the rest. Some of this men are jailed few years or made to pay fine and are left freely while the victims remain with the stigmatization for the rest of their lives. Why don’t we hear such cases in Dubai or muslim countries? Because the offenders know the consequences that come with such acts. Let us not have pity for this kind of people and together we will make Africa a safe place for you,me and our children


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I was recently watching a video of an African University student conducting an interview in the United states as to what people knew about Africa. The responses were shocking from some saying there are no houses in Africa, people die of starvation,wars everywhere the list is endless.

I wouldn’t blame them because that is what they see and hear about Africa. Beyond all these is a beautiful continent,with good people,children going to school,amazing tourist attractions and safaris that people dream of.

We have the Maasai Mara in Kenya, Cape Town in South Africa, Virunga Mountains In Uganda,Rwanda and DRC, Victoria Falls in Zimbabwe,Pyramids of Giza in Egypt which is also one of the last surviving members of the seven wonders of the world not forgetting Africa has some of the best beaches in the World which attract Tourists all over the world for instance Anse Source d’Argent, La Digue in Seychelles which is also one of the world’s most photographed beach, Diani and Watamu beach in Kenya, Zanzibar in Tanzania, Sharm el-Sheikh in Egypt just to mention a few.

Lets just put it this way if Africa was a bad place would prince William have flown all the way to propose to his wife here? Yes there might be many problems in Africa same as anywhere else around the world but there is so much beauty and goodness to be experienced in Africa.

There is so much that the Media could acknowledge about Africa,that people would get to see how beautiful it is and it’s people. That is a picture of Nairobi city in Kenya where I live and yes it is beautiful also called the city under the sun.

I would not trade to be born anywhere else other than Africa,with all the beauty ,nature and so much to offer am proud to be African. We may not be where everyone else is but we will get there. Hope when you visit Africa you see it for what it is and not what people paint it to be.


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