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autism_awareness_month_april_postcard-p239710160817749632z8iat_400Statistics have shown today 1 in 68 children has been diagnosed with Autism or Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) . Most People are not even aware they have autistic children and in extreme cases in Rural areas these children are locked away and shut out completely from the community as well. Autism spectrum disorder (ASD) is a range of complex neurodevelopment disorders, characterized by social impairments, communication difficulties, and restricted, repetitive, and stereotyped patterns of behavior.

Before scientist believed Autism was a condition limited to western and technologically developed countries however there are more cases of children living with Autism in Africa. In some cultures symptoms related to autism seems normal or supernatural related and therefore these children do not get any care.

Early Intervention, diagnosis and treatment are some of the main elements to help an autistic child develop to their full potential. In the beginning Autism can be very difficult and this is the time as a parent you can learn as much as you can about treatments, medications and how to improve your Child’s communication and social behaviour.

Some of the possible reasons why cases of Autism in Africa are non verbal is due to difficulty in finding services even with a diagnosis given,mental health care facilities and trained personnel to work with autistic children are a few. Educational and behavioral interventions for children with autism are largely unavailable as well.We also don’t have enough social groups, awareness centres and People to educate the community about Autism. These are just some of the many challenges communities and Africa at large face.

African Governments should strive to create more Autism centres especially in the Rural areas to give care and support to children living with autism as well as providing Information and resources to families affected and living with Autistic Children. Affordable Educational centres for these children should be set so people living below the poverty line can still access services for their children. Raising an autistic child can take an emotional Toll on a Parent therefore Strong Social Networks should be formed within the communities for parents to be able to meet,discuss and gain support from people who understand what they are going through. These groups can be very helpful in case of any Emergency situations as well.

Autism in Africa if not addressed more children especially from rural areas will continue to grow without proper Education , help and care. People should also take personal Initiative to Educate people and make them aware of what Autism is. Only together can we help these children live a normal life and help them be independent, successful people in the society.


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I have seen and know kids that live with autism,this beautiful angels despite their condition have an amazing ability in each of them but differently. I have seen those extremely talented in making ornaments with beads,those that can draw,sew,cook,plait hair and one thing about and the reason why I say they have an amazing ability is because when they stick to something they do it to their level best. If you have been or seen an autistic child then you definitely will understand what am talking about.

Autism is a mental condition present from early childhood and is characterized by difficulty in communicating and forming relationships. Children with autism if well taken care of,proper diet,taken to a good school and let to socialize with the rest has proved to be helpful in terms of their communication and relationships with others. But was is the life of this children when they are grown up and no one can take care of them much? Can they be independent and earn a living? Can they be in relationships and start families?

There are so many great people around the world living with autism and are very successful. Donna Williams is an artist and was the best selling author from her book ‘Nobody Nowhere’ and is one of the most articulate and perceptive writers an autism today. Matt Savage is a professional Jazz pianist and plays all over the world and now attends Berklee College of Music in Boston, Massachusetts. We have Temple Grandin an animal and autistic advocate, Daniel Tammet who is an Educator,linguist and writer are just but a few of many great people all over the world living with Autism.

I have seen people that have shut their children from the outside world when grown up and with autism for fear that they will not make it in life or be a burden to the society. This children have so much to offer and can lead a normal life and even start families. Like I said earlier this children have special abilities that can be noticed from when they are young. Once we have identified where their talents or interests are it is up to us to help them, nurture them into creating a great future for them. Some of this children have great interest in music for instance singing or playing musical instruments then from here we can take them to music schools where they can be trained well and can have this as a source of livelihood in the future. Some children are artistic, some good in sports,weaving,pottery etc whatever talent the child has is what will help them in the future. All we have to do is give them he best support and they will be able to live independently with no problem. Autistic people do get married and have families as long as they find someone that understands them and help them lead a healthier lifestyle.

Let us help support the Autistic community from childhood to adulthood, lets sensitize people living with autistic children or adults not to lock them away at home and kill their great future.All they need is our love,care and support you will be surprised how much better they can survive on their own.


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